Welcome To Faith Border Collies

Faith Border Collies was established in 2021 with our first litter from Imp. Mo. We strive to provide owners with a well suited, well bred border collie ready to excel in which ever sport or job they are asked to do. Our foundation bitch “Mo” was imported from Ireland in 2019 with an impressive working pedigree paired with equally impressive health testing results. To learn more about “Mo” please follow this link.


Border Collies can be an amazing and very rewarding breed; however, they are not for everybody.

Faith Border Collies breeding program focuses on working line Border collies, we are dedicated to ensuring that all the puppies and their families are matched properly. Puppy assessments are done consistently though out their time with us, which helps us determine which area, work or sport, each pup would excel in.

While our pups are bred to be high drive working dogs they are easily encouraged to use their “inside energy” (aka an off-switch). Mo (our foundation bitch) has proven to pass along her loving and friendly personality to all her pups.
These dogs are hardworking partners AND great house pets.

Imp. Mo

Our foundation matriarch Imp. MO came from Ireland in 2019, is sired by Hutchison Sweep. Sweep is impeccably bred and had longevity in his trial career, competing 3x in the International Sheepherding Championships, finishing 2nd twice. A prepotent sire, he really stamped his get with his likeness and ability. This shows in MO with everything she does. She is athletic, moves with beautiful reach, always eager to get out to work. And just like her sire, she really stamped her first litter of pups: all are very much like her in drive and ability, and all have her sweetness.
OFA good hips
DNA clear normal thru Optimal wisdom panel
Clear CERF
MO is homozygous for smooth coat, so every pup she ever has will be a “smoothie”.

My First Border Collie

My first Border Collie, Gabe, came into my life through the Border Collie Rescue of Ontario (BCRO). 
Gabe inspired me daily, and he was my security, riding with me in my long-haul truck all across the continent. Gabe is also the reason I got involved in dog sports. We played at disc, freestyle dance, herding, and competed in agility. Gabe was my teacher, my best friend, my playmate, my hiking companion, my dance partner, my date for the movies (love that drive-in!). He was my whole world. And he inspired me, enriched, and changed my life forever.
At Faith Border Collies, we hope to provide all our owners with their very own Gabe.