Faith Border Collies

Imp. Mo
ISDS 00/358497

Imp. Mo is our foundation bitch. Imported from Ireland in 2019, Mo brings a pedigree adorned with dogs who are proven workers. Some of the top dogs in Mo’s pedigree have not only proven their working ability but have also shown longevity in their careers.

While in Ireland, Mo was beginning her herding training and showed promise and natural ability.

When choosing a pairing for Mo, we look for stud dogs with a pedigree of champions to match, ensuring only the best off-spring.

Natural athleticism and a solid mind combined together

In 2023 Imp. Mo was bred to Imp. Stitch.

Stitch came from Wales as a puppy, and was sired by Kevin Evans Mirk; a Supreme International Sheepherding Championship winner. Stitch has had success in both the herding world and the agility ring.
OFA good hips
DNA clear normal thru Optimal wisdom panel
Clear CERF.